One and half month before I just thought; if my plants have some nutrients, they may grow well. 
So I bought a bottle of “Dünger” from “dm” and added water to dilute it. 
The exposition showed that the proportion of nutrient and water must be 1:4. 

Yes, I did it. 

After one month later, one of the plants has gotten withering. 
All of the lovely leaves have been dry up. 
The poor plant had a serious catastrophe. 
But the other plants were growing well, and they all were looked much healthier than before. 

I couldn’t find out the reason. 
It was really strange. 
This phenomenon might cause of the osmotic pressure. 

I also tried to give more H2O, but there was no significant change. 
Fortunately this plant is still alive. 
Look! It grows a new leaf in the middle.  




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